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Board Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the Trek Prop Zone. This community is a place where people can get together to build and chat about props. This board was created due to the need for a properly Moderated space where members of our hobby can share and enjoy the free flow of prop information with very low drama. In this community you are expected to abide by the following rules so that we can learn and grow and respect each other and each others property by:

TPZ Code of Conduct

Section A

General Posting Guidelines

1. TPZ user accounts:
Each member may only have one account. If an account is suspended or deactivated for any reason, the user may not start a new account without the public permission of the Admin staff. A violation of this provision can lead to immediate banishment from the board with no warning and no appeal.

2. Post/thread content:

The following is NOT allowed on the Forum or to be included in any post/thread on the TPZ:
A. Pornography, links to pornographic websites, pages, nude photos of any kind.
B. Sexism
C. Racism
D. Religion
E. Politics
F. Pirated Materials-movies/software/games etc.
G. Members Personal Information: Posting Personal Info of a member here without their consent (email address, phone number, street address, or full name)
H. Ebay Auctions:Posting Links to live or pending auctions unless they are for your own items and are posted in The Scrapyard to promote your sale.
I. Links to Hyperspace images/story lines/websites or offers/requests to email/pm/link images/storyline content.
j. Non-Consent Copying of Images or Text: (Right Click) of members posted photos/Threads/Topics are to be used on other boards without first seeking the permission of said Members/Owners.
k. Importation of Photo and Text from other Sources: Threads/Topics/Photos from other boards without first seeking the permission of said Owners.
L. Solicitation: Unwanted contact to other board members either through PM or Email.
M. Open Disputes: This behavior on the open forum will not be tolerated, take it to email/pm or to a Moderator if needed.
N. Profanity/Foul Language. We believe that your point can be made without the use of these words.
O. Inactive Accounts. All accounts with a period of inactivity (0 Posts) exceeding 180 days their account will become Inactive. The Accounts will be Deleted 30 days after going Inactive if the member fails to contact the Staff. The Member will be required to Sign up for membership once again.
P. Banned/Suspended Members: The discussion of Banned and/or Suspended members is prohibited on the Open Forum.

Forum posting conduct:

3. Communicate with fellow members of the community in a respectful manner. Please also show all artists [u](including licensees) the respect their hard work deserves by expressing your opinions about individuals, companies or their products in a civil and constructive manner.
a. No flaming/bashing/baiting (making insulting criticisms or remarks to incite anger) others directly or indirectly is allowed at the TPZ. Posts of this nature will be edited by a Staff member and threads locked and moved if this occurs.
b. No trolling (making posts with the intent to stir up trouble to incite disruption) is allowed at the TPZ. Posts of this nature will be edited by a Staff member and threads locked and moved if this occurs.


4. Signature images may be used, but must be no larger than 100k file size, and no larger than 425 pixels in width, and no larger than 125 pixels in height, with a width to height ratio limit between 2.4 and 8.8. (Divide the height into the width to obtain the ratio. Examples of valid sized images are 300x125 and 425x48. In general wider image needs to be flatter and vice-versa. )

All avatars should be no larger than 150x150 pixels and under 50k in file size. Please do not use direct quotes and/or likenesses of other members without the knowledge and/or consent of the member in question. The content of signatures and avatars should be within what is acceptable for "family friendly" atmosphere and no signatures/avatars are to be used to cause a disruption on the community. The Staff reserves the right to remove any avatars/signatures in violation of this rule. Both avatars and signatures MUST be hosted from a remote site, such as PhotoBucket, imageshack etc. This is done to protect the forum from bugs and viruses that can be attached to such files.

Spoiler Content in posts/threads

5. All threads with spoiler information must be identified with the label SPOILER in the subject. Also, please be careful not to post any potential spoiler material in the message subject title itself.

Selling/trading, Fundraisers and Contests on the TPZ

6. a. In order to openly sell/buy/trade items or to have any kind of fundraiser on the TPZ, all members must must meet the following requirements, first, they must be a valid member in good standing (no warnings) for over 90 days and have more than 20 posts total. All selling, advertising or interest-taking must be done in The Scrapyard unless you receive permission of the staff. Note: Only members who have been here for longer than 90 days and have more than 20 posts may openly sell/buy/trade/fund raise or have any type of contest in the Scrapyard. Members who choose to offer items on this board assume ALL responsibility for those items. Rights holders with a concern are welcome to register and contact a member offering an item in question directly. This Board denies any and all responsibilities and/or liabilities for any trades, trade disputes, contests or fundraisers between members.

**NOTE** Any member wishing to do a contest or a fundraiser on the forum MUST contact a member of the staff and be given permission before starting. Otherwise, the thread will be deleted with no warning **NOTE

b. If a dispute arises between members regarding a fundraiser, contest, a sale or trade, any agreements regarding performing services/molding/repairs/casting etc, the member shall post in the Member Feedback Section entitled: "Houston, We Have A Problem" and shall state the details of the dispute. The member that is being called out shall have a period of fifteen (15) days to either:

1. Get the item(s) in question to the Member.

2. Issue a refund to the Member.

3. The Member raising the Issue withdraws the Complaint.

The clock begins ticking once the injured member raises the issue. If the issue has not been resolved within the prescribed time frame, then the member in question will have their account suspended as such time as the injured member withdraws their complaint publicly by posting in the thread.

7. Recasting/Selling/Trading:
Deliberately recasting another member's creation without permission is something this community does not support. A member found selling/trading items recast from another member without permission will face possible disciplinary action.

8. Post/Threads/Photos: Any threads/posts or PHOTOS opened or placed on the open forum becomes property of the board for all exclusive purposes and shall not be arbitrarily edited or deleted without permission of both the Topic/Thread owner/starter and the Staff.

Section B

behavior Modification By Choice

1. Probationary Periods: Suspended Members: In some cases where a member may be temporarily suspended for a Rule or Rules infraction once reinstated, will be placed on a probationary Period not to exceed ninety (90) days whereas their Warning levels will be decreased (Reviews every fifteen (15) days) during this period back to 0%. Any further infractions during this period of Probation, the member at the discretion of the Staff can/will have their membership terminated.

Violations of the Code of Conduct are handled under the behavior Modification By Choice system.

This is a forum-wide plan for encouraging members to post within TPZ guidelines.

It is based on the belief that we all are here for the primary desire to discuss props and share our collecting experiences with other members. A common interest has brought us to this forum. Respect for each other is relevant to the flow of information and opportunity to enhance one's collection.

Though this forum is family friendly, it is primarily patronized by adults. Adults are responsible for the impact of their own actions. Therefore the guidelines are structured to elicit mature behavior through adult choices. This behavior plan is based on the member making the appropriate choice based on personal priorities. TPZ members are given a number of opportunities to consider whether certain behavior exhibited through posting is more important to them than continued membership at the TPZ.

Punishment by extended periods of banishment from the TPZ is not an acceptable method of aiding an adult in modifying his posting behavior. Access is limited to posting only and then for short cooling periods to allow emotions to calm so decisions can be made maturely. Only when all other notices and appeals have failed will a member's long term access to the forum be affected.

The TPZ Staff will use these general steps to implement this procedure:

behavior noted by TPZ Staff Members as in conflict with forum guidelines will be have their Warning level increased, depending on the violation, it will start at increments of 10% and up.

Once the member's Warning level has been increased for the first time and a second increase is needed, it will be applied up to a total of 50%. Once a member's Warning level reaches this point, at the discretion of the Staff, the Member can/will be suspended for a period of time not to exceed 30 days, 3 days minimum.

Once it is deemed necessary by the Staff to increase a Member's Warning Level for the third time, up to a total of 75-100%, the member's status will be considered inactive and the member will either be suspended up to a total of 6 months or at the discretion of the Staff, the member status could be terminated which will result in PERMANENT DEACTIVATION OF TPZ MEMBERSHIP.

In SOME CASES such as fraud, threats, recasting, repeated disruptions of the board, etc., the TPZ Staff may omit any or all steps in this system.

It is always an unfortunate circumstance when members of the TPZ community commit actions that warrant their accounts being suspended/banned. A thorough investigation and lengthy discussion is conducted by the entire Staff when matters arise. The TPZ Staff is not at liberty to publicly discuss the private matters of those who have had their accounts suspended/banned in this community and we will continue to work hard to make this community a family friendly atmosphere for all. Posts regarding suspended/banned user accounts and the circumstances thereof will be deleted. Should you have any questions about the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct, please send those via PM to a Staff member.

All actions taken by the Moderation Staff will stand without question unless overruled by the Administrative Staff due to an "Administrative Review" by the injured Party, rarely are any decisions or actions taken by the TPZ Staff overruled.

Actions taken by the Staff are not open for discussion on the open forum, PM or email is the correct method of contact regarding Staff Rulings and Decisions. Any such postings on the board regarding this issue will be edited/deleted without comment.

Any Administrative Action taken against any member stands without appeal.

Contact info for all the Admin and Moderator Staff can be found at the bottom of the main page .